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June 25th, 2014, 12:28 AM
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I don't have much advice to offer as this fall will be my first IVF cycle. I know I did have to work with my employers to get to all the visits involved with my IUI's, but they were understanding and it all worked out, but it was all local as well. So far my work is okay with me taking one extra day off to make it out for my one all-day testing day coming up (one extra day off added to my normal "weekend"), but my manager is super awesome and her daughter has gone through IVF, so she knows a lot about what is required for the whole thing and super understanding about my needs with medical stuff. When we actually take the time off for the ER and ET and all of that, I will probably have to take time off my job, but the hubs and I have talked about it and we don't really have much choice since we are going out of state and it is vacation time or not doing it. Luckily he is able to travel and work, but he will also take off some days to be fully there for it all as well.

Sorry, that all probably didn't help you much. I am super excited that you and your DH are getting a plan in place for it all and considering all of this stuff. I am sure you will work it out and it will all come together in the end. Do you know what kind of work you are planning on going into already? I was just thinking that if it is something like teaching or seasonal or something like that you may be able to plan to cycle during a break like summer vacation or something? Just a thought.
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