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June 25th, 2014, 10:11 AM
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So, I too am really not motivated - and it hurts. But I do have an honest question that I always wonder....maybe you ladies can help shed some light. Why do pregnant woman "feel sorry for their DH?" I feel like between morning sickness, weight gain, varicose vaginal veins, braxton hicks, swollen feet, tiredness, and on and on (which is all before the pain of labor and deliver) it is SO much for woman to tolerate. And yet, we feel bad bc our DH doesnt get his rocks off? (Mind you - there IS masturbation.) I am not saying that I dont appreciate my DH - I do very much - I am very lucky - I even still get flowers EVERY week! But I feel like I am sacrificing a lot here. And not using me to ejaculate (unless I feel like it for my own reasons) is a very small sacrifice to make - in the physical sense - during this time. I really honestly do not feel bad for him at all.

And of course, you know, birthdays - fathers'd day - or a little "I love you and thank you" gesture is nice - ad I am compelled - but I dont feel one once of guilt if I dont!

Am I wrong here? I hear SOS much about the sympathy for poor DH's sex life that I am starting to wonder if my thinking is the strange one. Maybe I should feel bad for him?

Or not.
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