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June 25th, 2014, 11:38 AM
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I'm so happy right now. I just got back from my first appointment with the OB that I had in my last pregnancy. She is so amazing. I am feeling a MILLION times better about my pregnancy. There was so much uncertainty with my previous OB.

To update my jittery, weak feeling: it's not my glucose (I passed my 1hr!), but she did say my iron is on the low end of normal. She didn't have my earlier bloodwork to compare what is "normal" for me (the old doc sent her incomplete information), but recommended I start iron to see if that improves how I feel. I will reluctantly follow her orders.. lol

When I had my anatomy scan, ordered under my old OB at 21 weeks, I was concerned that baby was measuring small from what I was seeing on the screen during the ultrasound. My old OB simply told me, "everything's normal."

When my current OB looked at the results though, it showed I was measuring a week behind... so that kind of made me mad. I just KNEW that the other doctor wasn't being thorough enough.

So my OB is ordering another growth ultrasound in the next couple of weeks. My uterus is measuring 2 weeks behind as of today.

Baby was SUPER active when she was trying to get the heartbeat, and we had quite a few laughs as the LO kicked at the doppler, and kept moving around in there.

I am just so relieved to be back with my OB. I actually feel like I am receiving appropriate care now. I feel like if anything is wrong, I will know, and we'll look after it. My last OB would literally see me for 3 minutes and that was it.
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