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June 25th, 2014, 01:15 PM
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I'm going to be the naysayer and say you should wait.

I have cats and I find them a complete pain to manage, even though I love them to bits and have had one for 15 years and the other for 13 years. Because I've had them so long there's little risk of toxoplasmosis, so I've kept changing the litter. We do it twice or more a week and sweep all the time yet there is still litter getting tracked around my house. It's so gross!

Other annoyances with having pets with babies include:
- The cats waking my son MULTIPLE times by yowling or running around the house like maniacs, knocking things over. (Nearly killed them for that, happened again just two days ago and I was so mad I almost pitched the cat out the door.)
- The toddler is fascinated with the cats' food dishes, which we don't leave out but canned cat food, yuck, I don't want him eating it.
- The cat water, which is always sitting out available to the cats and is a great source of joy for our toddler who loves to play in water.

There is nowhere in our house that the cats can get to that the toddler can't, he's a fantastic climber. I can't hide their food and water anywhere.

Basically, I'd say wait until you're settled with the new babe before introducing anything else you have to take care of. I honestly wish we didn't have cats, although of course I will take proper care of them for their full lives.

Edit: there is one really great thing about having cats with the baby though, which is that he has learned to love and be respectful of animals (unlike our neighbor's 2yo who is terrified of basically every animal.

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