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June 26th, 2014, 01:39 PM
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Lurking from October DDC.

During my last pregnancy we adopted TWO kittens, and we already had one that we got the month I got pregnant. The first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage so I didn't have a new baby right away with them. We also got a puppy the month I got pregnant with this baby. I don't regret either decision at all.

We did have a 24 year old cat that was abused and I wouldn't trust around anyone, let alone a baby. But even she just sat on her tree and didn't bother anyone who didn't bother her. Starting with a fresh slate (kitten) is great.

Personally I don't think cats are a lot of work if you raise them right. Our "older" cat (14 months) came from a pet store (aka kitten mill). And our 2 kittens (12 months) came from a breeder who just wanted kittens. So none of them came from great breeders. They are all great cats and everyone is pretty amazed at how good they are. They never scratch, hiss or bite, don't mind having nails clipped or being bathed, let us carry them however we want, don't mind kids or other pets. It's all in how you raise them IMO. That show "My Cat From Hell", the problem is pretty much the same every single time. The cat(s) usually don't have things to scratch, trees to climb or toys to play with.

Literally the my only concerns are keeping the cats out of the crib and their fur being everywhere. We are putting an extra tall pet gate across the bedroom door so they can look in but can't get in and go into the crib. They are use to sleeping in the bedroom so we're slowly getting them use to not being there. And we will be taking them to a groomer once a month to have a good brushing (only $40 for all 3 which is great).

Things like the baby getting in the litter box or in the food can be managed. We keep our litter boxes behind a baby gate in the laundry room so the cats can jump over the gate but the dogs (and baby) can't access it. We put their food on a buffet were the dogs and baby couldn't come close to reaching. The dog food is more of an issue, since that can't be raised up.

Congrats on your kitty!
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