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June 27th, 2014, 01:11 PM
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Love all the differences and why I always enjoy being part of a supportive board!

We fall in the once a week category, he would have more I would have less. He works out of town M-TH, I hold down the fort including coordinating a move, 3 kids and being pg. And I don't feel badly about him not getting "enough". I feel bad that we aren't close in any way physically right now. He's not offering backrubs or pregnancy sympathy, and I am not offering to meet his sexual needs. So I am fine with whatever he needs to do on his own. And of course he is, he's in a hotel room alone 4 nights a week! Stinks, but in my mind at this point it is for a few more months until baby arrives and we make the move and are all together again. We will get back on track...there are just too many moving pieces and parts right now.

Just re-read what I wrote and it sounds very pathetic. We just aren't on the same sex page right now, but in other aspects of life we are pretty on target
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