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June 30th, 2014, 09:50 AM
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I am the proud parent of an 8 year old girl. This is our only child. From the moment she was born, she wasn't the easiest. Severe colic, hard to sleep, get frustrated easily. Was hard to get to take a nap in her toddler years, but was hitting every developmental marker at her checkups. She is very healthy with no medical issues.
She has always been on the "active" side shall we say - but has always adjusted fine when at school. No major "red" flags at school. Is not constantly out of her chair or extremely disruptful. Grades are decent, but is known to make careless mistakes on tests.
Going back to the key word I want to point out "frustrates" very easily. To this day, she will lash out or begin crying over things that a child her age should be able to cope with. She will get so angry, she gets her self into a frantic state. For instance, a child in the neighborhood (younger) says something rude to her, she takes it so badly, she will run inside and scream and pitch an absolute tantrum. Another piece about her, she always downed her bottles at feeding time. I mean DOWN them. Well, she is quite overweight. She is constantly saying "i am hungry" etc. She is also a very picky eater. We have tried every technique in the BOOK with her over the eating situation. EVERY technique. It is almost as if the food ( her entire life ) has been a coping mechanism to her overall state of constant frustration. Like a drug that makes her feel better. I was diagnosed as ADHD about the time I was going in to 7th grade. I hid it well in elementary school. Nothing extremely obvious that would cause a teacher to say I had a "problem". i am on ADHD medication as an adult as well. I guess my whole point of this is that I am curious if ANY other Mom's out there have had a similar issue with their daughter? A daughter that is not jumping off the walls, but frustrates VERY EASILY, is known to be a "cry baby", etc? We keep her very active, she is always playing outside with friends, etc. It is not like this is a kid that gets no attention at home and no activity. I honestly feel like she has these feelings of "frustration" all day - and she doesn't even know why. We discipline, we have tried everything. She is always combative at home and frustrates easily with friends. I have an appt set up with a well respected child psychologist on July 15th. I guess I am concerned because I feel like the Dr. will say " is nothing....if she is not jumping off the walls...and make decent grades....and not being disrespectful to teachers at school...let's just do therapy". I honestly feel like it is an imbalance with her. Very curious if anyone would be so kind to share if they have had a similar experience with their daughter?
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