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July 4th, 2014, 09:35 PM
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okay. i haven't had time to read the other ladies' replies, so i have no idea and forgive me if this has been brought up.. but the comment about your boyfriend resenting you and baby for him not being able to finish school bothered me, and i came back here because i have something to say.

your boyfriend is a grown. adult. he makes his own choices and decisions. it will be hard (i'm going to school, working, and i'm my daughter's primary care person since her father and i can't afford daycare and he also works). is it easy? no. but we each give a little of our "me" time so i can get my schoolwork done, and he can work and do other "daddy duty" things. it's not ideal. but it gets the job done.

it is not yours or the baby's fault if he fails his classes. it's on HIM. tell him to baby wear the kid and do his assignments while bouncing on his knees and humming nursery rhymes if he has to.
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