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September 17th, 2006, 08:49 AM
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I think I need time managment skills because I feel like I'm loosing it.
We desided to try somthing new again. I kinda feel like nothings going to work for us.

Were going to Try CM learning style. I like CM but we secular homeschool and we're urban people. It's SOOO frustrating finding somthing that suites us AND my son. I wish he could work a little more independently. Or that We had More hours in the day. He loves games but he flew threw all his computer games (Next time I'm guess I can't leave him there all morning even if he wants too.) I unfourchannetly don't have the money or would want to spend it for new computer games or the time play board games all day. I need concreate evedence that he's learning and so does the goverment. He has an attention span of about two seconds. I'm not good at journalling everything he does. If not for all this I'd strucually unschool. AHHHH.

I want to find a program that Takes trips lots, So much that the other work is done on the car on the way to the trip. However with absloutlly no funds it's hard. He loves learning.
We've made a list of things he needs to learn to move ahaed comfortably but I guess now we have to find How we can teach it. I don't understand why I feel I have no time, we have more time then most. Sorry I vent and update so much. I think it's just a stressful time right now.

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