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July 5th, 2014, 07:43 PM
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Updating for everyone… been on pit **** near all day, upping and upping and upping with no real progress. I have started showing some reactions we believe is to the antibiotics for the streb b, but as its manifesting through sinus pressure, headache and my nose even swelled up and since these are all pre-s worries, things have been kinda "weird".

They had been discussing breaking my water for a while but I was set on at least reaching a 4… so I took a break for a nap and let them check. I was a solid 4 and 80% effaced so I gave the doc permission to break my water and OUCH. He was digging around for a bit and thought he'd broken it and was worried there was meconium blocking the water from releasing. A few more tugs and it was really done.

So I am on the birth ball, all drained of fluid and getting contractions every 2 min. Baby will be coming, but probably not tonight!

Thanks for all the well wishes! I thought I would log on and check in to distract me a bit, breaking my water made me really nervous but things are finally moving and getting more intense.

My cousin has been rooting for her bday which is tomorrow and it looks like she'll be right!

GG and focus on having a baby!

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