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July 6th, 2014, 05:23 PM
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This is the story and it is a bit on the long side.

OnWednesday morning (7/2/14) I woke up and went about my morning routine gettingready for work. After I got out of the shower and proceeded to put on lotion Ifelt dripping down my leg. Immediately I called my sister and told her that Ithought my water broke. She told me to wake up my husband and go to thehospital. Thinking back to when I woke up I remember hearing a pop, but thoughtit was my hip. As my husband gathered items so that we could leave (he alsocalled his mom so that she could meet us up there) I started experiencinggushes of water.

Knowingthat when we got to the hospital I would be admitted since my water broke Istopped by McDonald to eat breakfast (scrambled eggs and yogurt). Once at thehospital I go to Labor & Delivery to find out that every room is taken andthat each room in triage is also taken. I finally get to triage, the nursesconfirmed that my waters have “grossly ruptured” and that I was only 1cm and30% effaced and baby was at -3. After waiting for three hours I am finallytaken to a labor and delivery room and am checked again to only find out therewas no change. I barely had contractions and felt like I needed to poop buteveryone said those were the contractions.

Thedoctors told me that I should start pitocin but since I wanted a natural birthI decided I would wait a few hours to see if I have more contractions and whathappens with my cervix. After a couple of hours of waiting there was still nochange so I went ahead and got the pitocin started but refused the epidural.Well the contractions came fast and pretty hard and I realized that I was goingto have back labor.

SinceI was on bedrest to prevent the cord from coming down first I was unable towalk or move around a lot which made it difficult to tolerate the contractions.After 4 hours of excruciating pain, I get rechecked and I was 2.5cm and 50%effaced with baby at -2. At that point I realized that it would be a long hardlabor and I went ahead and got the epidural. I made sure to only flush justenough to remove pain, but to still allow me to feel most of the pressure.

Aftermore hours of waiting I finally am given a peanut ball to help me dilate. Sofor over 12 hours I have been in a bed on my back or side and my upper backstarts aching tremendously. Right before I had to start pushing (after 33 hoursof waiting) I had a fit because I just did not want to lay down any more. Duringthe pushing phase my contractions were still off where I would have 2 bursts ofcontractions followed by 5 minutes of rest. The 5 minutes of rest in betweenwas nice because the pushing was not too bad. After 3 hours baby girl was born.

Onething I am upset about is that I was told to push when I knew I should havewaited, but I did as told and eventually got a small tear. But All in all eventhough I was in labor for 36 hours and I had some pain, it was an amazingexperience. In the beginning of all the labor I could not understand why womenput themselves through that multiple times. Once she was out and I saw her Icould not stop crying because she is truly a miracle and a precious gift.

Baby was born on 7/3/14
Working on #2

*** We have a precious little girl ***
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