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July 8th, 2014, 08:26 AM
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okay. i totally overbought for my daughter. aside from your basics like wipes, diapers, (i wouldn't buy any newborn size diapers. the hospital will give you some and most babies aren't in nb for long, so a stockpile of nb sizes is useless). we didn't have a diaper genie and we're all still alive.

our swing was a LIFESAVER. oh my god. i wish she still fit in it.

i have heard boys leak a lot in huggies. i don't know why. from shopping around, i have found that personally, pampers baby dry diapers fit the snuggest. that's what we use on Emma.

as far as clothes, you'll mostly keep the kid in onsies for awhile. you just won't have the energy to plan outfits. and if you do, one diaper change in and those pants are staying off. Emma didn't consistently wear pants until she was over 2 months old. by then she was in size 3-6 pants i believe so all her nb/ 0-3 size pants were never worn. oh, and those baby sleepers! Emma lived in those. the zip-up ones. the buttons get confusing at 3 am with a squirmy baby.

if you can, invest in a travel system. ours is a graco something and came with infant car seat, base, and a stroller that we can use until she's a toddler.

hmm. we didn't even use our bottle warmer. we are bad parents and use the microwave. you just have to really shake the bottle after the rid it of any hot spots. and i have never heard of a wipe warmer.

if you have two cars, get two diaper bags. keep them both stocked of clothes, wipes, diapers, toys, everything but fresh bottles. then all you need to do to get baby ready isstrap them in the carseat. our hospital gave us a gift basket that included a little bottle cooler, and we just keep that in a cupboard by the fridge for when we go out.

nail clippers. we had to clip Emma's the day after she was born.

socks. socks. socks. babies will always be pulling on their socks and they'll be falling off. get ones with a nice elastic on the ankle, not a loose opening. those will fit nicer and stay on longer.
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