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July 8th, 2014, 10:18 AM
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DH went to go help out a neighbor today from about 7am to after 1ish... I was totally supportive since i've been working from home and transitioned most of my clients I thought sure no problem.

My son was driving me bananas - jumping all over me and I'm completely protective over my personal space right now. He wasn't even being 'bad' just really excited to have me all to himself. No matter where I moved to, he right there jumping on me and underfoot. I barely missed falling down super hard when I couldn't get out of his way fast enough and tripped.

Soooo I took him to the drop off daycare which he loves. Normally DH takes him to the park or pool for about 2 hours around this time to burn off energy so it's a win/win right????

Another sweet little boy
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