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July 9th, 2014, 09:14 AM
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Hello everyone, I am in need of some serious advice!
My 6 year old (turning 7 in the Fall) just completed 1st grade and was promoted to 2nd grade by her teacher. She is essentially though, one grade ahead then she should be and should just be entering 1st this new coming school year. Long story short, she started K at 4 at a private school and just continued into the public school. However, she is always the youngest and all other kids her age (turning 7 in the fall) are in a grade below her. Our cut off here in florida is 9/1, so she misses the cut off and should have been one of the oldest, vs the youngest. However, being that the age difference was not major for her b-day being so close to the cutoff (most 6 year olds are in 1st grade) I made my choice of moving her on to 1st because I thought she was academically ready. And with reading she definitely was ready! She is reading on grade level and there are no struggles at all! But with math, there have been several struggles for most of the school year. Many of the math concepts, she just did not get! And she would be going into 2nd grade IMO without a solid foundation in math! And I can't help but feel that a lot of these math struggles may be developmental and due to her young age (just not clicking yet). My gut feeling tells me that if she just had another year to make these skills more solid, that she would be so much better off in the long run. Whereas if I choose to move her on, I could be risking her always being behind and struggling in math.
I already asked my daughter what she thought about repeating 1st (explaining it to her in terms of her age and that all other kids her age were just going to 1st) and she thought it was a great thing because she would get to stay with her same teacher. And yes, I have already discussed this at length with her teacher and principal and they would allow me to retain her, even though she technically passed.

But I am not sure if being retained will affect her negatively when she sees all her friends moving on? Honestly, she seems to be okay with it though and she actually told me that she would just make new friends. So, would you keep plugging along and move her up to 2nd just to avoid the stigma or have her repeat 1st and just tell her she's in the right grade now without making a big deal of it?

I feel so guilty already as it is for pushing her on to begin with that I don't know if I can handle her going on to 2nd and really struggling or even worse having to have a MANDATORY retention in 5th (where it is mandatory if you do not pass the states end of year test). Her teacher gave her an end of year test at the end of 1st, which assesses all the math skills taught throughout the year and she scored a 65% percent (not percentile). The teacher said she was the lowest score in the class.

I know I can't predict the future, and that's why I'm so torn!
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