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July 9th, 2014, 01:24 PM
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Wow it has been a long time since I have updated - my DDC basically died on here so I have not made it to JM much recently. Here is a quick update from me.

I was measuring 3 weeks small (fundal measurement) so I had an "emergency U/S" but it turns out Baby Girl is growing well and was actually in the 69th percentile so she is pretty big!! Weighs about 5 pounds now and is still a girl We didn't get any good pics but I was just so relieved she is okay! Other than that I have the typical pregnancy issues - severe back pain, heart burn, stomach issues in general, and the added bonus of SPD that can be pretty debilitating. But overall I have just been really trying to enjoy the pregnancy. I spent so much of it in complete fear of something going wrong that I am trying to do what I can now to enjoy all the little baby kicks I am getting now.

We completed our Bradley Method classes and to be honest I dont feel like I got a ton out of them. I went ahead and signed up for the hospital class as well because I am hoping to learn some more.

In other life news - we finally moved and are getting all settled into the new place. Moving in the third trimester is not the most brilliant thing we have ever done but I am so glad we will be bringing our baby home to this house. It has a yard and is right by an elementary school and park and is 2 minutes from my parents house. We are still working on selling our other house which has made it so I wont be able to quit my job anymore when baby gets her which has been pretty tough on me. But I am hoping I will only need to work a month or 2 and that should get us through.

I really miss you ladies!! I will try and make sure I come back and post some more updates.

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