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July 9th, 2014, 07:55 PM
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Kelkl---I'm praying hard you're feeling babies soon too!! Your FET is Friday, isn't it?? I've been stalking the other boards to keep up with everyone!

April---I definitely woke up the other day with a big smile! How could I not?? You're right, it never hurts to look again at the banks. Maybe they've had new donors or maybe someone will jump out at you that didn't before! Still praying daily you find the donor you want and need! (((hugs)))

MissB---Hmmm...still be buy? Mainly the mattresses and bedding. I'm waiting on buying anything else until after the showers. We have a rocking chair but it's not in there yet because it's at my Mom's. It's the same chair that my Grandfather made for her while she was pregnant with me. She's let me use it with all my kids. This time I get to keep up since my oldest will be 19 next month and she figures grandchildren are in my not too distant future (although I'm hoping about a decade, lol). I about died laughing when you said that about pimping your brother's sperm!! I'm sorry you all are dealing with issues with people making stupid comments regarding DH. Why are men less of men if they can't make a baby but women are no less of women? I hate double standards! How is your aunt doing?

Hoping---As I said before, I have been stalking other pages to keep up with some of the girls. I saw you had a BFP this morning! Congrats!!! Like you, I was almost scared to test the next day for fear that the lines wouldn't still be there! But I was 5dp5dt and now I'm 19 weeks with twin boys! The lines stayed and got darker! Praying yours will too!

AFM--Just been busy nonstop. Feeling really good so taking advantage. We finally have the nursery as complete as we can have it right now. The swing will go in the living room. We have the bassinets and a changing table in our bedroom (the changing table will eventually go to the living room). We can't do anything else in the nursery until we get the rocking chair, mattresses and bedding (which includes the window valances).
Looking in from the doorway

Looking in from the doorway....empty spot is where the rocker will go. See the bag in the crib? That's the twins bag, ready for the hospital!

I wasn't fond of having to fit the dresser there but seriously, there's no more room!

Looking from the rocking chair area towards the door.

19 Weeks Today
My History:
Three sons (19, 17 & 14) from first marriage
2003--tubal ligation
2007--remarried, DH has no biological children
2008--tubal reversal
2013--diagnosed with too much damage to tubes, totally useless

IVF #2
3/14/14-- ER, 12 eggs retrieved, all 12 fertilized by ICSI
3/19/14-- ET, 2 Beautiful 5 day blasts transferred, 5 frosties!
3/24/14-- Faint BFP w/FMU.
3/31/14-- Beta = 578!! U/S scheduled for 4/14!
4/14/14-- U/S confirms TWINS!! Strong heart beats, perfect shape and perfect size!
6/11/14-- TWIN BOYS!!!!
11/1/14-- Jacob Roger and Josiah Todd are welcomed to the world!!
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