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July 9th, 2014, 09:40 PM
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I will post pics of the bunnies soon. I'm on the business computer right now (done with store paper work for tonight, so just having some fun before bed, but I don't have pics stored on this computer). They are super cute. At least I think so. DH doesn't think they're cute at this age, but in about a week he'll think they're adorable. And when they get big enough for the outdoor cage he starts doting on them. When the last bunch I had were in their outside cage I got a text from DH while I was at work asking if he could give them more food because it didn't look like there was enough in the cage. I told him he could, and he replied right away saying "OK, I already did", lol. These babies are about 4-5 days old. The person who brought them in to the wildlife facility said his dog dug up their nest. Their umbilical cord stubs were still on when I picked them up (they're all off now). Their eyes are still closed and their ears are still laying flat. And no, I can't cuddle them. I only disturb them twice a day to feed them, and I try to get through that as quick as I can so that I don't stress them out with too much handling.

Missing our angel m/c on 12/11/14 at 11 weeks 3 days

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