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July 10th, 2014, 10:16 AM
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So...I got hubby and I registered for a birthing class at our hospital to start in mid-August. Except I get a call last night from one of the nurses saying that no one else has signed up for the August class, and they have only one other couple signed up for the class that starts next week - and would we be willing to start earlier so we have the company?

Half the reason we are doing the classes is so we can meet other families (we have no friends or family with kids that live nearby), so we opted to switch to the class that starts next week. Though I'm happy to be able to meet another couple, and that the nurse offered us additional services closer to our due date (since this class will end 7 weeks before my due date!)...I am all of a sudden feeling like OMG **** IS GETTING REAL.

Like..staring down the barrel of a gun reality check time. As a first time mom, this sudden awareness of how REAL everything is about to be is crazy overwhelming and emotional. I'm excited and happy, nervous, anxious, scared, etc. I assume this is all normal though, so there's that reassurance

For those of you who have taken a birthing class before, what should I expect? I know nothing about what it's really like, and assume that how tv/movies portray these classes is highly stylized and over-exaggerated or just plain old doesn't tell you the whole story. Just curious what everyone else's experiences were like!

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