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July 10th, 2014, 12:20 PM
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Hey, April!! Thanks! I'm actually pleased with it (except for not being able to put the dresser where I really want). But as my BFF pointed out, the dresser is super accessible for a quick grab of fresh clothes from either crib. Bump?? Geez, seriously, I feel like it's a mountain. Oh and let me tell you, I about killed someone the other night at the ball park. She asked when I was due (I've started hating that question because of the looks I get when I answer) so I said December 3rd. Her mouth dropped and she said "WOW!! I thought you were due any day now!!" OMG!! Really?? Can't people keep their thoughts to themselves sometimes?? I had to explain it was twins. I'm tired of explaining to rude people. I think next time I'll just say I'm not pregnant, walk away and let them dangle! As for feeling good, still doing ok. Major heart burn today and I am actually starving and what I want to way!!! I want spaghetti like I need air but there's no way I'm trying that with this heart burn. Oh well. Life goes on, right?

The youngest starts District tournament tonight. Gonna be a long weekend of baseball. Praying they do well!!
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IVF #2
3/14/14-- ER, 12 eggs retrieved, all 12 fertilized by ICSI
3/19/14-- ET, 2 Beautiful 5 day blasts transferred, 5 frosties!
3/24/14-- Faint BFP w/FMU.
3/31/14-- Beta = 578!! U/S scheduled for 4/14!
4/14/14-- U/S confirms TWINS!! Strong heart beats, perfect shape and perfect size!
6/11/14-- TWIN BOYS!!!!
11/1/14-- Jacob Roger and Josiah Todd are welcomed to the world!!
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