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July 10th, 2014, 03:02 PM
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Ooooh gosh.

A good stroller is important. We got one that has a matching carseat so we can connect them when we go out.

A swing! The one we got comes apart so you can have just the bouncer. Especially helpful if you're the only one home and you'd like to take a shower or something. You can just take the bouncer with the baby in it and place them in the bathroom with you.

A baby wrap. This is one of my favorite things. Of course it's not for everyone or for every baby, but if it ends up working for you, it can be great. Keeps your baby close and your hands free.

Lots of onesies! Try to plan out the sizes with the seasons (if you have different ones) that way they you can switch to them seamlessly as baby grows and gets older.

Nail clippers.

Bibs and burp cloths. I think I favor bibs more during the day.

Boppy. Sometimes I'll feed my son in his boppy and that's also what we' used when we first started tummy time (he was on oxygen).

Things I think are unnecessary include wipe warmers and bottle warmers.
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