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July 11th, 2014, 03:40 AM
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I'm the type of person that umms and ahhs about the space of things. I'm not really frugal, the situation has called for me to be in the past, but now it's more about "Ugh we don't need more stuff".

I admit we eat out a fair bit. Nothing like how I did when I was a kid, my parents were really into fine dining and we were out multiple times weekly, at some place completely unsuitable for a child but I was expected to sit there and enjoy my oysters. But once a week or so I find myself out, sometimes with kids, sometimes with friends, sometimes with my husband, sometimes with his whole extended family (ie: the times we book out entire restaurants). It's just something I enjoy. I'm probably the last person who will pack a cooler (or as we call it here, an esky).
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