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July 11th, 2014, 02:53 PM
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Amy- oh Love! some people can be so rude. I love the idea of you saying you're not preggers lol! I love to joke, my mom thinks its too much. holy cow, when you said spaghetti, I thought, "that sounds so yummy!" DH is traumatized by it. he said his mom made it 4 days a week & he hates the thought of it. spaghetti night in our house was kinda a big deal, it brings back happy childhood memories for me. I'm so happy you're feeling great!!! I hope the heartburn takes it easy on you!

MISSB! congrats Honey! my eyes welled with tears. i'm so happy for you! a little girl. you will have soooo much fun shopping.
i'm glad you're so supportive of your friends. it can be such a lonely process. I can't wait to see the pics of the survival kits!!!
i'm happy your SCH is getting smaller. good news is all around us!

afm- no news yet. still praying the right donor will come to us.

sending love to you girls!
male infertility, 0 motility
me, endo & underlying auto immune issues

Medicated cycle Sept 2013 Failed Cycle

1st Nov 2013, IVF 16 eggs, 8 fertilized, 2 survived to day 5 - CGH screening
transferred 2 5d embies (2 boys) 12/5/13 no frosties
chemical pregnancy (beta1 25, beta2 39, beta3 41)
AF 12/23/13 Failed Cycle

2nd IVF Feb 2014, 12 eggs, 10 fertilized, 2 survived to day 6 - PGD screening
transferred 2 6d embies (2 boys) 1/7/1 no frosties
beta1 3/17/14 .07 beta2 3/20/14 Failed Cycle

3rd IVF May 2014 ,12 eggs, day 2- 8 fertilized, day 3- 9 fertilized,
day 7 - 0 blasts Failed Cycle

4th IVF Nov 2014, 16 eggs, 10 fertilized (6 Dh & 4 DS), 2 Made it to day 5- NGS screening transferred 2 5d embies (2 girls) 11/13/14
no frosties
beta1 11/21/14 14, beta2 11/25/14 13 Failed cycle

5th IVF May 2015, 13 eggs, 13 fertilized, zero embies on day 5, no transfer Failed cycle

6th natural IVF July 2015, 4 eggs retrieved, 2 eggs fertilized, zero embies on day 5 Failed cycle

7th mini IVF August 2015, 3 eggs retrieved, 2 eggs fertilized, zero embies on day 5 Failed cycle

8th mini IVF Sept 2015, 2 eggs retrieved, 0 eggs fertilized, Failed cycle

9th natural IVF Oct 2015, 4 eggs retrieved, 2 eggs fertilized, 2-4 cell embies 2dt, 1st beta 12dp2dt 162.9, 2nd beta 16dp2dt 2001 BFP
God is SO good <3!!!
Baby Girl 8 weeks early 5/26/16

10th cycle mini IVF cycle Oct 2016, 6 eggs retrieved, 3 fertilized
our 1st Frosties ever!!!

11th cycle mini IVF Nov 2016, 7 eggs retrieved, 5 fertilized, 3 frozen on day 3, 2 frozen on day 6!

12th IVF cycle natural IVF Dec 2016 cancelled due to slow growth

13th IVF/FET cycle Jan 2017, natural IVF cycle 1 egg retrieved frozen on day 3, FET transfer of 2 day 6 embryos.
1st beta 9dp6dt 211.2, 2nd beta 11dp6dt 679.7!!! WOOHOOO!!!

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