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July 13th, 2014, 05:52 PM
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Name/Age: Cate - 28
Profession and/or occupation: Walmart Associate
Favorite hobby (not kid related!): reading, nature
What are you most looking forward to in this pregnancy: getting bumpalicious

Name/Age: Adam - 33
Profession and/or occupation: Programming Analyst - Information Technology
How long have you been together/married: Together 4 years
Your favorite feature/trait of him/her: He makes me laugh

What number pregnancy is this: 3
What are your current children's names/ages: Amelia - 2, Henry - 1. Adam has a daughter Brownyn who is almost 6
Is this planned to be your final child: Possibly
What is your EDD: March 9
What is ONE trait or feature you hope this baby gets from you: Blue eyes!!
Miss B: September 3rd, 2008(stepdaughter)
Amelia Rose Annabelle aka Mia: December 1st, 2011
John Henry Clifton aka Henry: April 11th 2013
Elizabeth Flora Ruth: March 6th, 2015
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