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July 14th, 2014, 01:15 AM
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LOVE is...being a Mommy
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Name/Age: Eva - 42
Profession and/or occupation: Financial Analyst
Favorite hobby (not kid related!): Travel, shopping, gardening
What are you most looking forward to in this pregnancy: Baby kicks and that 2nd trimester glow I had w/ my first pregnancy!

Name/Age: Edgar - 43
Profession and/or occupation: Military
How long have you been together/married: Together 5, married 3
Your favorite feature/trait of him/her: He is a spicy PR'ican and will do anything for us!

What number pregnancy is this: 2
What are your current children's names/ages: Zoe - 20 mo.
Is this planned to be your final child: Definitely!
What is your EDD: 3/3
What is ONE trait or feature you hope this baby gets from you: Dark hair

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