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July 14th, 2014, 05:51 AM
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Lincoln cluster fed trying to get my milk to come in. Once it did, we were still dealing with an orally fixated baby with a super strong sucking reflex. I had to watch him for when he would just stop nursing & start just pacifying himself on the breast. Based on the lactation consiultants advice we gave in to a soothies pacifier. Because my nipples were wearing out quickly bt his strong suck & constant need for something in his mouth, I would massage my breast for let down while he nurses remembering to break for burps bc I can def hear him chugging now.
When he falls asleep after only one breast, I wake him up with a diaper change, stripping him down naked, a cool cloth or even rubbing lotion all over him. Once he's alert again, we resume nursing.
He went from 8lbs 13oz to 8lbs 1oz in the first 48 hrs but his cluster feeding on colostrum had my milk in soon & he's been gaining an oz / day roughly with 15-20 of REAL nursing in each breast every 2-3 hrs. Maybe once a day he sleeps long enough to hit the 4 hr mark & I have to wake him.
Just now he started laying off, so I'm massaging my breast & he's back to actively swallowing. Otherwise he'd drift off with my boob in his mouth & we'd be back at this in 40 min!

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