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July 16th, 2014, 02:21 PM
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omg!!! both of your babies are beautiful!!!

Amy- it sounds like your check up went great! the boys sound very healthy! I wouldn't stress too much on the weight loss. did he give your a RX for your heartburn? I hope it's eased up a bit. DH has such bad heartburn that it keeps him up at night. I hope you're feeling good, you're past the 1/2 way mark right?! holy cow, I can't believe how fast time flies!

MissB- your IVF kits are SO cute & SO thoughtful! I freakin LOVE the onesie. at this point I would love to be a mommy, but I really want a little girl <3. I love that your little girl has a smile on her face. it's so sweet.

well I've asked 2 more people. I've been off of facebook for about a year now. so I've been facebook stalking potential donors. so far, the 1st guy said no, his reply rubbed me the wrong way, but I do appreciate that he even responded to our request. 2nd guy, said he would like to help, but he's out of town. I then asked him when he would be returning to las vegas, but no response. so i'm thinking he doesn't want to do it, but was still trying to be nice. 3rd guy, said he would think about it & get back to us on sunday. 4th guy is super sweet, but stationed out of the country for another 8 months! he's so adorable, & tall! so I looked into international cryo shipping. it's on the expensive side, but I REALLY want a donor that we're comfty with. so I guess, if he says yes, the extra cost will still be worth our peace of mind.

I hope you girls are doing GREAT! sending hugs XOXO
male infertility, 0 motility
me, endo & underlying auto immune issues

Medicated cycle Sept 2013 Failed Cycle

1st Nov 2013, IVF 16 eggs, 8 fertilized, 2 survived to day 5 - CGH screening
transferred 2 5d embies (2 boys) 12/5/13 no frosties
chemical pregnancy (beta1 25, beta2 39, beta3 41)
AF 12/23/13 Failed Cycle

2nd IVF Feb 2014, 12 eggs, 10 fertilized, 2 survived to day 6 - PGD screening
transferred 2 6d embies (2 boys) 1/7/1 no frosties
beta1 3/17/14 .07 beta2 3/20/14 Failed Cycle

3rd IVF May 2014 ,12 eggs, day 2- 8 fertilized, day 3- 9 fertilized,
day 7 - 0 blasts Failed Cycle

4th IVF Nov 2014, 16 eggs, 10 fertilized (6 Dh & 4 DS), 2 Made it to day 5- NGS screening transferred 2 5d embies (2 girls) 11/13/14
no frosties
beta1 11/21/14 14, beta2 11/25/14 13 Failed cycle

5th IVF May 2015, 13 eggs, 13 fertilized, zero embies on day 5, no transfer Failed cycle

6th natural IVF July 2015, 4 eggs retrieved, 2 eggs fertilized, zero embies on day 5 Failed cycle

7th mini IVF August 2015, 3 eggs retrieved, 2 eggs fertilized, zero embies on day 5 Failed cycle

8th mini IVF Sept 2015, 2 eggs retrieved, 0 eggs fertilized, Failed cycle

9th natural IVF Oct 2015, 4 eggs retrieved, 2 eggs fertilized, 2-4 cell embies 2dt, 1st beta 12dp2dt 162.9, 2nd beta 16dp2dt 2001 BFP
God is SO good <3!!!
Baby Girl 8 weeks early 5/26/16

10th cycle mini IVF cycle Oct 2016, 6 eggs retrieved, 3 fertilized
our 1st Frosties ever!!!

11th cycle mini IVF Nov 2016, 7 eggs retrieved, 5 fertilized, 3 frozen on day 3, 2 frozen on day 6!

12th IVF cycle natural IVF Dec 2016 cancelled due to slow growth

13th IVF/FET cycle Jan 2017, natural IVF cycle 1 egg retrieved frozen on day 3, FET transfer of 2 day 6 embryos.
1st beta 9dp6dt 211.2, 2nd beta 11dp6dt 679.7!!! WOOHOOO!!!

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