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July 17th, 2014, 10:11 AM
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Hey ladies! Finally sitting down at the computer. I have trouble posting from my phone when I'm trying to reply to everyone.

MissB, I LOVE the ivf survival kits! Too sweet...and adorable!! I totally love the onesie! That smile on little one's face is beyond incredible! (Wish my boys would do something other than say "look what's between my legs Mom!" or "get this stupid doppler OFF me!")

April, I was dying laughing over here at the mental image of you FB stalking people, checking out their pictures, discarding this one because he didn't have the right height or that one because you didn't like his chin! I loooove it!! Still praying the right one comes along and says YES!!!

AFM, the babies have been keeping me up at night A LOT! They get mad if I sit at the computer for long because I tend to lean forward (geez, I'm 5'0" tall and have short arms and my belly doesn't allow me to pull up to the desk like I use to). I'm having a lot of trouble breathing if I'm sitting up or standing. My torso is really short so when I say we're measuring 28 weeks, I'm measuring literally a hand's width below my diaphram. I do best when reclining. I figure I have at most another month of being able to drive. My stomach will be touching the steering wheel by then. Some of my maternity clothes have gotten too tight. Seriously? How's that even possible?? Shouldn't they stretch forever?? He did give me an Rx for heartburn...and I keep forgetting to go pick it up. Speaking of, maybe I will text DH right now and ask him to get it on his way home while I'm actually remembering it. (Ok, took a quick moment to do that!) But all those are just annoyances that for some reason are bothering me today. I wouldn't trade any of it for anything in the world. DH starts his vacation tomorrow when he gets off work. The older boys go to their bio Dad's house (if he doesn't back out on taking them like he does a lot of the time). So I think DH and I are heading out when he gets off and going to the lake and camping (we have a camper) for the weekend, just the two of us (well, 4 technically, lol). We usually only take one weekend a year alone and that's for our anniversary but that's not until October 6th and I don't figure traveling is going to be much of an option then so we're doing it this weekend since we have no baseball or other obligations. I'm not sure what we'll do with 48 hours to ourselves! But I love where we go. It's so peaceful and because we're just below the lake's dam and has a river and a creek running around it, it stays about 20 degrees cooler there. We're not taking the boat because I don't want out on the water with the waves and bumps (just as a precaution). But we'll go over to the lake at least one of those days. I can't wait to get in the water and be weightless for a while!!! I'm just ready for some time to relax and do nothing! I think it'll help mentally. Internet through the phone is sketchy is best so I probably won't get to check in on everyone until Sunday night or Monday but I sure hope everyone has a great and enjoyable weekend.

Oh, April, I'm going to send you a private message!
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Three sons (19, 17 & 14) from first marriage
2003--tubal ligation
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2008--tubal reversal
2013--diagnosed with too much damage to tubes, totally useless

IVF #2
3/14/14-- ER, 12 eggs retrieved, all 12 fertilized by ICSI
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3/24/14-- Faint BFP w/FMU.
3/31/14-- Beta = 578!! U/S scheduled for 4/14!
4/14/14-- U/S confirms TWINS!! Strong heart beats, perfect shape and perfect size!
6/11/14-- TWIN BOYS!!!!
11/1/14-- Jacob Roger and Josiah Todd are welcomed to the world!!
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