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July 18th, 2014, 02:26 PM
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So confused i' 29 i was on the pill i'm 8 weeks pregnant & booked in for a termination next week the thing is i dont know if its what i want. The father said he'll support me either way but he said he wouldnt like me if i kept it, he has a child from a pervious relationship, by the way his ex doesnt know about me & him. He said he would tell her either way but now i'm terminating hes not going to. Says he doesnt want a relationship but weve been together for 8 months hes said we'll talk about it after the termination & since finding out 2 weeks ago hes let me stay at his every night as support but i dont know if its so i dont change my mind or hes been genuinely nice. He says it would wreck his life if i kept it coz he has no money, people will be nasty with me & make our life hell what am i meant to do? I dont want to be hated or disappoint him. I promised i would never trap him now this has happened.Can i betray him & keep it ill have support from friends & family i have a job but can i destroy his life like he said it would & keep it against his wishes? But then will i feel guilty getting a termination?
Please any advice would be grateful.

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