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July 18th, 2014, 07:12 PM
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It doesn't sound like YOU want an abortion. I'm going to be honest here, if you don't want an abortion you shouldn't have one. You will regret it and there is no going back. Many people regret abortions, no one regrets keeping their baby. There are also many people who don't regret abortions, but those are women who knew the choice was right for them. I'm pro-choice. I believe a woman has a right to choose whether she wants a child, as does the father. But you really sound like you're only considering it because the father wants it.

The father has the option to stay or leave. If you choose to keep the baby, he doesn't have to stay. No one is forcing him into anything. You can do it on your own, many women do.

And of course, there is always adoption if that is something you would prefer. There is closed and open adoption. Closed adoption typically involves no contact with the birth mother and child. Open adoption can be anything from getting letters and pictures a couple times a year to seeing the child monthly or weekly. It is something the birth and adoptive parents decide.

All I can say is do not get an abortion because the father wants you to. That is a decision you will never get over. You are completely entitled to have this child if you want to. He has the option of being in the child's life or not.

I am pregnant with a little boy named Emmett. He was unplanned and the timing couldn't be worse. But I do not regret my decision to keep him at all and in just 3 months I'll be holding my little boy in my arms.
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