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July 19th, 2014, 11:33 AM
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Hi ladies!

I'm all caught up and I have started my reply before but never finish before the website wipes my words away! It's a little frustrating to post here! Wish you were all fb friends!

April-any takers? I think of this like the guy who ask 25 ladies out on a date... You ask enough and someone always says yes! Especially because time is of the essence!! Just keep asking and do 10 a day and someone will say yes! Maybe even go on a dating site and ask if anyone would like to contribute NSA... You'd learn just as much as a donor info provides! And being strangers is sometimes just easier for all involved. Just brainstorming!!

Miss B - I adore the smiley U/S!!! How is that possible??!! I can't wait to compare when she is born! Looks like she knows you're thrilled she is a girl! I tell ya, makes me nervous having a girl! So many hormones and if she is like me a little rebellious too!
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