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July 19th, 2014, 03:18 PM
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Hi Becky,
I can only imagine the emotional struggle you must be feeling right now, but if you are feeling pressured to make a decision to terminate and you don't want to, don't. If he truly wants to be with you, he will support you in whatever decision you make. This is your decision so please don't allow a guy to force your hand. You can stand up to him and for your baby. If you aren't ready to be a mom, there are families who want to start a family so badly and can't (me included) that would love to adopt your baby. The thing that I love about open adoption is that you would still be able to know your child, and your child would know that you loved them so much that you made some hard choices that meant giving them life and a family that you hand picked for them. It is your decision, so please look at all of your options before making a rash decision that you can't take back.

Agreeing to terminate your pregnancy will not keep him in your life. It is temporary. If he truly loves you and wants to stay with you, he will be supportive of you no matter what you choose. If you want to learn more about open adoption check out openadoptioncalifornia dot com. My contact information is also on that page under about us if you just need someone to talk to.
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