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July 21st, 2014, 11:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Blue_Jar_Mama View Post

Have you had your thyroid checked? When I stop taking my meds and my thyroid is going crazy my cycles are the first thing that go out of whack. It takes months of being back on the meds again before I return to 28 days which is what I was for years. I am also 28 years old. I was 25 day cycles for about 7 months before I got pregnant with this baby and I was on a 12 day luteal phase, 25 day cycle the month that I did conceive this baby. So do not think those numbers alone will mean you can't get pregnant. But if you are not pregnant, you may want to have your cycles checked out. Bleeding sooner than every 21 days may need to be checked out. Good luck!!
Yep, a few times. Thyroid is fine. :/ Not quite sure what is happening.
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