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July 22nd, 2014, 03:13 PM
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We're not going to listen to him of course
This was a hematologist. I already told our actual pediatrician that we will use the iron supplement and encourage more solids (Isabel is over a year now) but we will not be stopping breastfeeding.

Anyone have any recommendations for helping her iron though? She really prefers the breast to the point of refusing solids many times. For most kids this isn't a problem. But for her, it is, so we need a solution that DOESN'T involve stopping breastfeeding.

She does like the homemade baby food pouches I make, and I've started adding kale to them, but she doesn't like any other kind of solid, aside from the occasional steamed green bean she'll eat. We make her baby food from scratch, so I was thinking of maybe looking at some recipes high in iron and vitamin C to help iron absorption.

But I want to know how I can encourage her to eat without discouraging breastfeed. We're going to try using more pouches to see if that helps. Any other ideas appreciated.

Thanks in advance
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