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July 31st, 2014, 10:22 AM
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Originally Posted by topato View Post
i'm not sure, exactly.

part of the problem is darwin being super active and the painful contractions i just can't make go away.

but the other part--- harvey's been getting a lot of teeth lately. he went from 6 teeth to 12 in the past few weeks!! so he's been waking up at night more than usual.

...and, he's also 18 months, so he's right at the super-clingy phase. he wakes up yelling and screaming for MAAAMAAA!!! and my poor husband can do nothing to console him. so he ends up in our bed for several stretches of the night. and god forbid he's in our bed and i need to switch the side i'm laying on (SCREAMM!!) or, oh, if i need to get up to pee! (SCCCCCCREAM!!!!!)

because, you know, if i'm not constantly hugging him, i might as well have abandoned him. it's been a struggle, and i end up awake most of the night, just waiting for him to be out enough that i can move him back into his crib.

i'd love to take naps, but harvey rarely does, now, so that means i don't get to either! and it always works out that IF he falls asleep during the day, it's during a bad bout of contractions. pfft. that's my luck!!
Ugh, you poor thing. 18months was such a tough stage for my DD too. She became so demanding, didn't like sleeping, everything woke her up, and she was so clingy. I can't imagine being pregnant on top of it *hugs*
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