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July 31st, 2014, 02:37 PM
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Sorry I haven't been posting, it's crazy being a mom I'm sure y'all understand. Just a little update. Miah is 11 months old and just got over a little scare.. Last weekend she had a fever induced seizure and stopped breathing on us and was rushed to the ER. She is doing wonderful now though. We recently started feeding her whole milk and she loves it! I can't believe we will be celebrating her 1st birthday so soon!!!
In other news. When Miah was a couple months old I got the paragard IUD and haven't had any issues but now I'm pretty sure I'm expecting again. AF was supposed to come on the 25th and hadn't showed her
beautiful face yet. I thought I missed because I was so distraught a about Miah but I'm totally sure I'm pregnant. My breast feel full and are very sore which only happen when I'm pregnant, I never get sore bbs during that time. Other than that and the missed AF I'm fine. In going to take a test tomorrow because for some reason pg tests never show pos for me until after the first week. I really am scared for many reasons. I want to enjoy Miah and wasn't planning on having number two until she was in kindergarten at least, and I'm scared I'll miscarry because of the stupid IUD. I'll keep everyone posted! Until then have you or anyone you ever known gotten pg while having the IUD?

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