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August 5th, 2014, 08:36 AM
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My story is a bit long so I'll start from the beginning. When I was 17 I worked part time in a bar as a food runner. There I had met my soon to be babies mother, Only at the time we were just somewhat friends. But from the second I first saw her I was blown away by her. She was and til this day is one of the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. Only a few months later after she graduated college she quit bar tending and moved away and we lost touch after that. Fast forward six years, I've finished college and have my life on track. On a regular night out with friends I ran into her after 6 years and we catch up. We talked about everything we've done since then and somehow one thing lead to another and we ended up spending the night together. After that we started hanging out but more or less just as friends with no real commitment for about 5 months. Last week she told me she was pregnant. That she had taken two tests and both were positive. She claims that she's only been having sex with me and that I'm the only possible father. I'm supposed to be going to her doctors appointment on the 25th followed by a talk on what to do. Only I have no idea what to do. She's claiming I'm the dad when we weren't exactly even dating. On top of the fact that I used condoms every time. I'm scared that it might be mine and that it might also not be. I'm only 23 and didn't plan on becoming a dad until after 30. Everything is happening so fast I don't even know where to begin. Do I tell my parents or my friends? Do I go along with everything even with the cloud of doubts? I feel conflicted about everything, I haven't stopped thinking about her all this time and now this is happening, I just need advice.
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