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August 13th, 2014, 11:01 AM
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Last night we did our last ttc bd because I hit a "dry" spell so I think the window is now shut, I had been having back pain off and on for a few days and thought nothing of it until last night.I went to sleep early since I had to work today, I woke up in severe pain, I thought maybe I just had to potty and it was hurting me. I collapsed from the pain trying to get back to bed, I didn't pass out just couldn't walk, I laid on the heating pad with DH for about one hour but nothing helped. We rushed to the ER when it got so bad I was literally screaming in pain, we were there for hours, they gave me some painkillers that didn't help so they gave me morphine. After another hour or so they said I had blood in the urine so it had to be a kidney stone...
I've had kidney stones this felt nothing like it to me, the morphine only made the pain dull but it was still there, still is really, I just kept thinking "I just told you I'm ttc and you're giving me morphine?!" But I guess it's ok and safe even if I was a few weeks along. They kept asking if I was pregnant, I said no but they didn't want to believe me, the only real comfort was the nurses name was Elvis which my grandmother loved Elvis and she just passed a few months ago so I took it as a sign everything was gonna be ok.
Has anybody ever been given morphine and found out they were pregnant and the baby was healthy?
I had to laugh a little, this is out first month trying and I end up in the ER, funny but it was extremely scary
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