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August 14th, 2014, 01:14 PM
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Putting my health first is so hard, I would love to be pregnant after the first try after 5 years of not using any form of BC and not having a baby I was concerned I don't ovulate or just can't get pregnant. Now that it's our first TWW I'm going crazy then I get sick but other than the fact that it hasn't passed I'm doing better, I'm still in pain and having to take pain killers but I'm hoping if I am lucky enough to be pregnant on the first try that since it's early on everything will be ok.
Hope you are doing better, we had a neighbor not know he had pneumonia and he never got treated then he died leaving a wife and 2 kids, pneumonia is much scarier in my opinion so take care of yourself! At least you caught it and got treatment, that was the biggest mistake for my neighbor, let's hope if we don't get lucky this month we'll both be lucky next month!
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