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August 18th, 2014, 01:28 AM
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I didn't think my mom was right, I like to call her doctor mom, pretty much any advice she gives me is wrong so I just do the opposite unless by some odd chance it sounds logical. That sounds horrible having to have surgery to remove them everytime, I've had 4 that took me to the ER and 6 that I've just had mild pain and passed without problems, I need to do better. When I get stressed (like this weekend when my mother in law was here) i do horrible and drink lots of soda which is the cause of mine, too many sodas in a week and I can almost guarantee I'll get one. Ttc mixed with my 4-8am job where I have had more than normal hours due to people on vacation caused me to stress so I had soda, coffee and tea so much I think that's what caused mine. I'm going to drink more water for sure because it sucks getting these.
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