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September 18th, 2006, 02:42 PM
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I'm so confuuuused!! I thought that you were there THIS week! In fact, just this morning I was thinking, "Oh, I wonder how Shery and her family are doing at Disney World!"
I can't wait to hear about the trip!!![/b]
We left a week ago back last night. I have the first three days posted on my going to try to get it all on there today!
Thanks for the note!
No wonder you've not been around! I just kept chalking it up to you being busy getting ready to go!

Hey, do you have any tips on driving long distances in the car with kids? We're going to Ohio in a coupleof weeks (12 HOUR DRIVE!!) and we're breaking it in half going up there but coming back all in one day. I'm looking for ideas!! (How long did it take you to get to Orlando from where you are?)
Hi again ,
It is a 14 hour drive to Orlando. On the way home we stopped 1/2 way, but on the way there we drove for 9 hours the first day so we wouldn't have to drive very far the next day...the first day we went to Universal Studios.
I just buy a few things and refuse to let the kids play with or look at them until we are in the car. The boys took their gameboys. They each had a kid magazine to look at as well as stuff to color. We took the car tv, but they didn't even watch it on the way home. I pack a little bin full of yummy treats and just let them snack a little more than I normally would. All in all, they did awsome traveling. I hope yours does well .
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