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September 18th, 2006, 03:26 PM
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I am trying to say this gently: you need to stop reading up about different curriculums.

I am not sure how old your son is but it sounds to me like you really need to find what fits YOUR family and just go for it. Don't worry about Charlotte Mason, Classical homeschooling and all that other hoopla. Seriously. Its just not worth the stress.

You want to take field trips? Great. Take them! Teach your son through touch and vision rather than on paper. If you are able to take a field trip once or twice a week do it! You don't need a curriculum to tell you how to reach your son and pique his interests.

Find a curriculum that you like for math and go with it. Do the same with spelling. You don't have to live in a box and you don't have to use one "style" or another. We are very ecclectic homeschoolers. We use Alpha Omega for math. We teach history using Story of the World. For Geography and science we do unit studies... in fact I dont even HAVE a set curriculum per se for geography. We learn music by listening and singing and dancing and playing. We learn art by touching and feeling and viewing it. There are no rules here.

Live. Laugh. Learn. Think. Grow.

Step outside of the boundries and see what works for you and then call it the Muguel method.

A true testimony for unschooling (although not my chosen method its something that we had to use last year for various reasons) is the fact that my 6 year old daughter casually stepped into doing second grade math today with no assistance, no lessons prior. She can do math questions such as 47+32= or 53-11= and the like. I didn't teach her that. She can count out money and change from playing endless rounds of Monopoly with her sisters. She can do basic multiplication. She can read... and no one taught her how.

Good luck!
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