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October 22nd, 2004, 07:39 PM
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Krystle didn't reach the 10lb mark until she was 6m, and was only 16lbs at 1yrs. She was 6lbs 5oz at birth but 23" long.[/b]
Nadia was 6lbs 5oz at birth but 19.25". She was 16lbs 2oz at 1 year. She is roughly 24lbs at 2 1/2years.

My biggest issue with her is the developmental delays she's had. Right now the only one she still has is her speech and I'm having an awful time trying to get her hearing tested.

My oldest wasn't officially labelled FTT(though her charts went missing from 3-6months and then I switched clinics). At 9months she was losing weight.

Because I've been down a similar road with her, just not to the same extent as with Nadia I don't care what the dr's say anymore. It all goes in 1 ear and out the other. They have their say and I do whatever I want to.

The only reason Nadia has gained weight since her 2 year appt(she was 22lbs there) is she lives on a condiment If we have anything that has ketchup, mayo, sour cream, mustard, sweet & sour sauce that is all she eats. If we eat out and she gets chicken nuggest we can't leave until she has drank all the sauce out of her I figure, it has calories why stop it. She eats other foods too, but if there's condiments that's her meal.

Kids are going to eat what they eat, you can't force them to eat something. We all have different sized appetities and they vary depending on what our body needs.

We don't have problems with social services for FTT here, maybe in the larger centers but here we don't.
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