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January 6th, 2019, 02:55 PM
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Oh how I can relate to both of you... I’m 35, and my husband is 41. We have an 8yr old girl- we were “one and done”. I was 9 days from shipping out to bootcamp for the Navy, I’ve been training for 4mths and signed my contract and swore in taking oath. I had going away parties, bags were packed and I had said goodbye to everyone I knew...

We are struggling financially as well. We’ve been in this house we built (first time homeowners) for a year- 3 bedroom, intended for office/guest room. Our credit cards are in debt consolidation.

We’ve encountered people saying I did this on purpose to get out of the navy, that we should consider “other options”, and that we must be insane.

Unplanned does not mean unloved or unwanted. We had our moments of exploring all options- but that was more being caught off guard and flooded with emotions and shock, feeling lost, and taking such a hard left from where WE THOUGHT our lives were headed.

We have to see this as divine intervention. A blessing. For reasons that we don’t understand and may reveal to us later in life... that’s the attitude we’ve had to take or otherwise we’d get very depressed and lost in the worry and “what if’s”.

Sorry so long, but I felt compelled to respond and offer my story and that you’re not alone or a bad person- you’re human. It takes courage to share these thoughts and feelings, people can be hurtful with their judgements. Best of luck, congratulations and here if you need to talk 🥰😊💕
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