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September 28th, 2006, 09:06 PM
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Do you ever feel like bad things seem to happen in clusters? LOL! Lately it seems like nothing is going right. My youngest DD is turning 2 on Sunday and I sent out the invites a few weeks ago. At first it seemed like almost everyone could come to her party, but this week I got several emails from pretty much everyone and they are all bailing out on her party. I know my DD is only turning 2 and she probably wont even care that no one is at her party, but still I can't help but feel a little dissapointed. Even my own father isn't going to be there because it's opening weekend for hunting

So, I was already feeling crummy about DD's party and I had to take all 3 kids grocery shopping. I NEVER take the kids shopping by myself because I feel completely out numbered. The 2 older kids are pretty good, but my youngest DD is a "spirited" child and she can be difficult to take places. She was doing ok through most of the shopping trip and then saw me put a container of yogurt into the cart. She is going through this big yogurt kick right now so she started screaming and throwing a fit for the yogurt. I couldn't give her the yogurt in the store so I tried to get her to the check out line. She kept throwing herself onto the ground and kicking and screaming. I kept trying to pick her up but she would go completely limp so it was really hard to pick her up. My DD is a pretty big toddler and she's not exactly a lightweight! LOL! I had more shopping to do but I knew I had to get my DD out of there fast because once she gets into one of her moods there is no stopping her! Sooo, I'm trying to get a basket full of groceries to the check out line and I tell the older kids to just hand her the yogurt so she'll stop screaming (at this point I'm desperate for her to stop screaming). The cashier says "Don't you think that's a bad idea giving her what she wants?" At this point I'm about to lose my mind and start bawling so I completely ignored her and just kept placing my items on the grocery belt pretending I didn't hear her! A lady and her kids from our church were there so they saw the whole incident which is really embarassing! Needless to say that when I got home I told my DH that there is no way I'm taking the kids shopping alone again! LOL!

Anyway, we make it home from the store and my husband calls me in a panic and tells me that our car is completely broken down and I have to come pick him up. We have no idea what's wrong with it but I'm sure it's going to be expensive and with both of us working we now only have one car until we can find time to take the car in to get it fixed. GREAT!

Then to top it all off I was trying to put some strawberry jam away in the refridgerator and I tripped and dropped the jar which shattered all over the place making the biggest mess I've ever seen! I thought I had all the glass cleaned up but tonight I stepped on a tiny piece of glass which sliced my heel open and there was blood everywhere (it's amazing how much a tiny cut can bleed). As I'm trying to dig the piece of glass out of my heel it slipped and sliced my finger so now I have a cut on my finger and foot. The kids saw the blood and freaked out and started crying. Fortunately I stoppped my 7 year old DD from dialing 911! LOL! My cuts really weren't bad at all but she freaked out and grabbed my phone and was trying to call an ambulance. That would have been embarrassing trying to explain to a paramedic that all I needed was a couple of band-aids! LOL!!!!

What really puts the icing on the cake is that AF still hasn't started up in full force. I'm spotting off and on but I haven't actually started bleeding yet. I'm not pregnant because I tested and got a BFN.

I know that my problems aren't that bad but still I can't help but feel overwhelmed. My in-laws own our house and have to sell it because they are having financial problems. We would rent it from them but it's a new house and it's really large and way too expensive for us to rent.

We are going to have to downgrade to a much smaller house which is fine except for we really can't afford to move right now. The house we live in now also has a huge formal dining room that we converted into an office/photography studio and now we may have to quit doing senior and family portraits because we probably wont have enough room for a studio when we move. If we quit doing family and senior portraits then that is going to be less money for us. UGH!

I'm just stressed out and very tired. I really want another baby but given the current situation I'm scared. DH really wants another baby now and doesn't want to put ttc on hold. I know that whatever happens we will figure it out.

Anyway, if you've gotten this far thanks for listening to me vent. I guess I needed it
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