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October 3rd, 2006, 08:02 AM
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Back to square one, as usual! Since my oldest is learning disabled finding a curriculum for him is very, very challenging! Ok, I am good with reading, math, grammar, and spelling. Where we get stuck all the time is history & science. Austin needs to read outloud every day! He needs to write every day! He really needs the practice. Problem is most curriculums for his age/grade expect him to be able to read independently and the books they give are above his reading level. Also, I like the unit study approach, sort of, but I guess I am not liking it. We have Learning Adventures and it's not working because he needs so much supplemental reading and grammar and spelling that we just don't have time to do the Learning Adventures. Not to mention the writing assignments I think are too hard for him since he is still working on mastering some basic skills.

Edited: What I really need is a unit study I can do once a week (like Fridays) that covers science and history so I can spend the rest of the weeks focusing on the core subjects that they need the most practice on. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


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