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October 8th, 2006, 03:47 AM
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hat doesn't make any sense.You don't think a child is born until they can live outside of an incubator??That doesn't even make sense.They are born as soon as they come out of you..some people! So, that means that my friends neice was not born when she was in her incubator getting stronger and growing??HUH?? anyways as I have said before, she was born at 28 weeks and was only in the hospital for 2 months and is fine now.[/b]
I was in an incubater too. No I don't think there alive yet. Why because if they were taken out most likely they'd die. (Yes I'm talking about me too.) Would you blame a parent that took there kid off the souport? That's why I feel that they araen't alive yet. unless the "child" can live on there own.
Your position really confuses me. So do you think full term babies that need machines to help them survive aren't born/alive? What about babies with special needs that have to have extra medical attention forever - are they never born/alive? All babies need things or they die - period. How is it somehow a distinction between the fact that they lay in an incubator or are breatfed or any other thing we have to do to keep a baby from dying? All babies need SOME level of care - as they can literally do nothing for it can't be simply that a baby can survive on it's own - since no baby can. Is this a spiritual opinion or a medical one or something else? I have never seen ANY medical documentation or mention from any medical personnel that a baby born before it's due date is somehow not born/alive if it needs medical assistance. The medical establishment & the law see no difference in a baby born at 25 weeks gestation & one that is 10 yrs old - both are entitled to the same rights & treatment.
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