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October 8th, 2006, 05:35 AM
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I guess I can kind of see where the argument of "not a life until out of the incubator" comes from (but I think the poster was referring to premie babies?- please correct me if wrong, Miguelsmommy). I guess if you believe that human life begins after 37 weeks gestation (whether natural or artificial), then a child born at 28 weeks would, therefore, not yet be a life.

I disagree with this theory on a legal basis. The right to life which cannot be taken away without due process is extended to all "born" humans, and, born in the legal definition is taken from the mother's womb. Granted, sometimes that due process is a natural one and these children die of problems related to their premature birth. But, in most circumstances, (I think- correct me if wrong)- a family would not have the clear choice to remove feeding tubes and the like without good medical reason (they could be challeneged in court for denying these things to the child). I could be wrong here...not sure.
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