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October 8th, 2006, 03:21 PM
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Stuff to help servive ( quality of life) is diffrent then needed to servive. Yes I am talking about premies
I guess if you believe that human life begins after 37 weeks gestation[/b]
or any other age that can sevive w/o michians. I feel until this stage it should be up to the parent.

Until out of the body I see a pre-born as simbiots. Weather (-,-)both harmed (0,+) mother not effected in a positive or negitive way "child" grows, (+,+) both mother and child are effected positively (mother most healthy when pregnant) or (-,+) mother sick baby heathly. I know simbiots are diffrent spices that's why I said LIKE or Similar. Personally to me babies aren't human until they're more than instincts there more like animals. However I feel animal have ever right to live and be treated well so.

It's just more grey area to me then most.

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