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October 10th, 2006, 08:05 PM
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<div align="center">Well i had a real easy and quick labour and birth, lol.

On the 6th Alan (BF) and i went for a walk along the beach and then went to have a drink in one of the cafe's opposite the beach. We got home at about half 10 and settled into bed for the night by about 10:40.
At around 11pm I started to get (what i thought were) braxton hicks contractions and was up and down like a yo-yo. LOL.

At 3am Alan decided to roll over to me and say ''I thought they'd have stopped by now!!" I was not amused to say the least. Well in the next hour and a quarter i had like 3 showers to try and ease to ache in my back and the rest of the time i was sitting on the toilet (it felt so nice as sitting there eases the pressure on the cervix).

At 04:44 am i got told, by Alan, to call my midwife as i had discovered i'd had a bloody show. I was told that it was all on and to carry on as i was with the showers etc and she would call me at 07:00am.

Well i called my mum at 05:00am and told her not to go into work today as i was in labour. But i told her not to rush, and she agreed as it would be ages until i delivered!!! (yeah right).

When she arrived, at around 06:00am, i was sitting on the couch (in a towel with one wrapped arond my head and face, lol) she put her hand on top of my bump and started timing my contractions. She felt the contraction and was shocked at how strong it was they were 3-5 minutes apart and lasting a minute each.

She told Alan to call Helen (my midwife) and see what she suggested as to going to the hospital or not!! She told him that it was entirely up to me and how i felt so i decided to go in and see what was going on anyway. We left the house at 06:25am.

After the 25 minute car journey, in which the contractions had got a lot stronger, we reached the delivery unit at 06:50. (It took 5 minutes and 2 contractions to get to the entrace). A midwife just coming on duty let us through the back doors as the contractions were bringing me to my knees and i was holding on to Alan and Mum for dear life. LOL.

Well we were rushed in to the closest empty room, just as another contraction sent me to my knees, and the midwife there went to find out where abouts Helen was. I was real uncomfortable on the bed and Mum and Alan kept asking what i wanted. All i could manage to say was 'I don't know and that i needed to pee'. So they got me off the bed and onto the toilet. Mum then came inand said that i wasn't to push the baby out into the toilet, jokingly. But i then told her that i did want to push. She told Alan to run and find the midwife and she'd get me back onto the bed. Just as i was attepting to get onto the bed, which felt like i was trying to climb Mt Everest!!!, at 07:05am they came into the room set up the gas and air (at this point the contractions were feeling quite sharp) and said they'd prepare to do an internal.

Luckily at 07:10 Helen walked in and i felt relieved she was there, although i was out of it from the 3 puffs of gas). Well she rushed around for 10 minutes getting things set up and in place ad then did an internal. She was amazed that i was fully dialated and told me to start pushing.(after the first push she had to break my waters though as i think that they were only leaking and hadn't broken fully!!). Well i was feeling much better that i could do that!!! She told me to lie on my side as it made it easier for the baby so i did that and Alan was next to me. I looped my arms around his neck, on his left shoulder, and he was holding my right leg up. With every push i pulled him down, unknowingly!! My Mum was helping Helen by fetching hot water, to press on my perinium.

At 07:53 my beautiful daughter came into the world screaming her lungs off. She was placed onto my chest and looked at me with big, wide eyes while Helen delivered the placenta and sewed up two tiny labial tears with just two stiches.

She weighed 7lbs 14oz and was 19.7 inches long. Her apgars were 9 @ 1 minute and 10 @ 5 minutes. Helen latched her onto my breast for a feed and went to get us some tea and toast. She was on for the full hour that Helen was filling out paper work.

Well after she was weighed, measured and given her Vit K injection. Helen dressed her and handed her to Alan. He cried tears of joy when he phoned his mum!!! Helen then sorted me out. She got me up and in to the shower. I felt quite weak and dizzy when i stood up though as i flood of blood came out, so i had a chair in the shower. She got me dressed and everything in order and then handed me my charts. Alan drove us the the maternity unit where Xylia and i stayed for 2 nights and then came home!!

And all of this still feels like it happened just yesterday!!!

P.S Sorry if it is bitty or if i missed any details, lol. Feel free to ask any questions though!!</div>
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