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October 12th, 2006, 10:42 AM
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I thought for sure I was gonna be joining the slow cookers club. I had a doc appt. on Monday afternoon 10/9/06. Went to my appointment-hadn't dialated anything in a week. My doc changed his mind and decided to let me go past my due date. He acted like he never said anything about NOT letting me go past. Told me I could rupture w/a 6lb baby or a 10lb baby, and there was NO way to tell how big he is until he is born. UGH---I was SO mad and so was Scott. So we left the appointment and I said heck with it lets go eat & pig out & forget how frustrated we are with all of my docs double talk. We had a wonderful dinner at Applebee's, went home, got the kids ready for bed, I dozed on the couch.

Scott woke me up to go to bed around 12:30am and we went upstairs. I got into bed & layed there re-living my ENTIRE appointment & just being mad. So I get up for a potty break around 1am, go back to bed. I am laying there almost asleep when I felt a POP. I was like uh oh........but, nothing gushed out. So I got up to go to the bathroom. Got almost to the bathroomMy labor was SO quick! I had just went to bed around 12:30 am. Had to go pee around 12:45am. Got back to bed and was ALMOST asleep when I felt a POP at 1:15am! I was like uh oh......but, nothing gushed out. I started shaking Scott to wake up and tell him. Went to go to the bathroom and it started leaking out. Scott said is it your water or not? I wasn't totally sure. I hopped in the shower and got out started putting on panties and another I called the hospital and described it and they agreed I should come in. Pretty much immediately after my water broke I started getting stronger contractions. I had a few of them after my appointment earlier on Monday evening, but, kept ignoring them because I just knew it wasn't anything.

So on our way to the hospital--which is like 30 minutes away.......My contractions were 2-4 minutes apart and getting stronger. We were so excited. I was so excited to try a natural birth. I got to the hospital around 2:20am. I was checked and 3cm dialated contractions were 2-4 minutes apart. I got moved to a birthing suite and man oh, man....the pain started. I did really well for awhile and all of a sudden I was just moaning, and crying and shaking. The nurse checked me at 3:45am or so.....I was 6cm dialated. Oh my GOD the pain........Scott was like honey maybe you should reconsider the epidural. I did and decided I wanted one or at least a little something in my IV. The nurse was like Uh....I gotta talk to the doc.

So 5 minutes later I am absolutely hurting.....burning...and feeling pushy. The nurse checks me again--I AM AT 9CM! There are 2 RN's in my room w/me....frantically calling the doctor and ordering me NOT to push. Oh, my gosh, I was getting mad. My body was basically telling me I needed to push. I couldn't hardly control the urge. One of my nurses was so wonderful.....trying to talk to me and having me blow hard like I was blowing out the imaginary candle that was her finger instead of pushing. I am like WHERE IS THE DOCTOR? Please--Please someone get doc wasn't on call. They are still frantically trying to find the doc when another RN shows up. Come to find out they all thought they were gonna have to deliver him. The doc walks in and I am like "I LOVE YOU" She says..."nice to meet you" We all kinda laughed and then I was like PLEASE let me get him out. Scott was so great holding my hand and telling me to breathe & telling me I was doing wonderful.

3 pushes 4:15am on October 10th.......GAUGE was here! 8lbs 1.3 oz and 21 1/2 inches long. He is a good sized boy, but, he doesn't look chubby except in his cheeks. And he has a perfectly round head w/a FULL head of hair I didn't rip or tear...I didn't need an episiotimy.

After his head was out....the rest of his body just plopped out. I basically pushed him out w/3 pushes & 1 contraction the nurse said. I couldn't believe I done it all by myself..100% natural! I really felt wonderful, and amazed at my own strength. Honestly.....I am glad I couldn't get any meds.....I done this all by myself....and I feel like I accomplished the world. But, I couldn't have done it without Scott and my mother in law they were wonderful support in the delivery!!

I feel pretty good.....a little sore and I think I pulled a muscle towards my inner thigh/right side of vagina...its sore. But, I haven't needed anything at all for the pain. They kept asking me if I needed pain meds after his birth. I said heck no....I just made it thru the entire birth 100% natural......I don't need anything now....I am sore, but, I am gonna live.

Here are some more pics

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